Sydney Road Coffee

Sydney Road Coffee

Sydney Road Coffee is an artisan roaster based in Gloucester, UK. We use innovative roasting to achieve elegant and full-flavoured roasts for our customers using our selection of  fine single-estate beans.




We test our coffees with a variety of brewing methods. Most people don't have a top-flight espresso machine and matching grinder to make good espresso at home. Lesser machines will probably disappoint. If you crave an espresso we encourage you to visit a good coffee-bar instead. You will save a lot of money and probably get a better coffee.

Excellent coffee can be made at home at low cost using simple methods. It won't be espresso but can be every bit as good. We recommend filters, cafetières (also called a French or coffee press) and Aeropresses. Each will produce a slightly different result from the same coffee, so experiment and find your match. 'Bean-to-cup' machines are also becoming popular. Good ones can be costly but again, their coffee can be satisfying. The message is to make your coffee how it works for you.


Capsule machines are not our favourites. A lot of people like them though and you should of course be drinking the coffee that appeals to you. As a result we have been testing the Capsul'in system. We do not endorse Capsul'in, however they work reasonably well. Capsules are grind, packing and roast sensitive. They only hold 4-5 grams of coffee and over-packing them can strain your coffee machine. Under-packing or too coarse a grind leads to under-extraction and loss of flavour. 

Get the packing right and treat them as a ristretto-sized shot - do not over-dilute - and you can expand your coffee horizons at a lower cost than for the standard capsules. You will need to purchase compatible capsules separately, available through Amazon and elsewhere, and be prepared for the fiddly task of filling them.

Roast and Grind

We prefer to work directly with our customers to perfect their roast. Clearly we can't do this with small volume internet sales but we might apply a slightly different roast to coffee ground for espresso than when it is ground for a cafetière. We can roast in small batches so please contact us at if you are considering purchasing a reasonable quantity and particularly want something 'tweaked'. We can then run a roast just for you!

Grind is very important for getting the best out of your coffee. Unfortunately different coffee machines and brewing methods vary in their requirements. We do not pre-pack and each order is individually ground to our standard settings before despatch. You can contact us immediately via and request a finer or coarser grind after you have made your purchase through the web-shop and we will endeavour to comply.

Storage and Gassing

Coffee can sit on supermarket shelves for up to a year. We want you to get the best out of our coffee and recommend use within 14 days if stored at room temperature. Unopened pouches will store for much longer in the freezer, particularly in the case of whole beans. Our pouches have excellent seals, so squeeze out any air after use and re-seal to help maintain freshness.

Unlike most coffee on sale, ours is really fresh. We mature it for a day or two after roasting to allow it to release most of its carbon dioxide gas, which is a natural by-product of the roasting process. The coffee will continue to slowly release some gas over the next few weeks and this is a good sign of freshness. We choose not to use valves in our pouches as we don't plan for a long shelf-life, so unused packs will eventually become 'puffy'. We've not yet seen one explode (just kidding) but recommend breaking the seal if the pouch is inflated and expelling the excess gas before re-sealing..

Contact and Feedback

We are always interested in hearing from our customers. If you have any questions about future or current orders email us at For general queries use