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Sydney Road Coffee is an artisan roaster based in Gloucester, UK. We use innovative roasting to achieve elegant and full-flavoured roasts for our customers using our selection of  fine single-estate beans.


Papua New Guinea, Moanti

Image from Mercanta

Image from Mercanta


  • Farm: Various Small Holder Farmers
  • Varietal: Arusha Bourbon Típica
  • Processing: Fully Washed and dried on African beds
  • Altitude: 1750 to 1900 metres above sea level
  • Owner: Smallholder farmers delivering to Moanti
  • Town/City: Henganofi District
  • Region: Eastern Highlands Province

The Moanti Network is a small network of farmers who, together, produce around 123 metric tonnes of green coffee per year. The vast majority are able to farm organically (only 8% use any form of herbicide or fungicide). The network’s name derives from its founder, Mrs. Moanti Ise, a local farmer from the Dunatina Valley area of the Eastern Highlands.

The farmers of this network belong to the Kiviringka community and the network area stretches 11 kilometres along the Dunatina Valley, in the Henganofi District of the Eastern Highlands Province. The valley lies in the heart of the highlands where grassy vegetation meets cool mountain forests and overlooks the Ramu Valley below. The region is well-suited to high quality coffee production. Coffee is farmed almost entirely in ‘coffee gardens’, with the coffee plants benefiting from the shade of surrounding trees and the rich, loamy soil of the forest floor. Coffee is extremely important to the local economy.

The coffee is harvested by hand. Only perfectly ripe cherries will remain after the sorting process and will go on to be processed. It is then processed using the wet, or washed, method where the cherries are pulped and then fermented for around 36 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is fully washed and then soaked in fresh, clean water for 16 hours before being dried on raised beds.

Flavour Profile

One of our best-liked coffees and one which appeals to most coffee lovers. It is smooth and satisfying, slightly ‘earthy’ in taste with a hint of nuts and fruit and with good body. This coffee works really well across a wide range of roasting profiles and different coffee-making techniques. 

250g pack Moanti
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